Applying for WSRC Membership

The Washington State Rehabilitation Council is authorized in federal law under the Rehabilitation Act and in Washington State by Executive Order 04-04. All members are appointed by the Governor, with a mandate that individuals with disabilities comprise at least 51% of Council membership. The mission of the Council is to engage DSHS Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) customers to learn their needs, priorities, and satisfaction with services and outcomes, and to evaluate all aspects of DVR service delivery for quality and effectiveness. The purpose of these activities is to amplify the interests and concerns of customers in all aspects of DVR planning and service delivery.

The WSRC has four, two-day meetings per year (January, April, July, and October) in different areas of the state. Council subcommittees also establish work plans and meet monthly by conference call to coordinate their work. Prospective members should expect to commit about 8-10 hours per month to WSRC activities, such as reading and responding to emails, participating in subcommittee activities (generally by phone), and keeping up with what's going on in vocational rehabilitation. Expenses incurred due to travel and lodging for WSRC related activities are reimbursable. The perfect candidate is someone with a disability or disability-related experience who is passionate about employment for all and wants to make the DVR program in Washington State the best in the nation.

The WSRC is currently recruiting for a position that represents Labor, such as a union member, union representative, shop steward, or other labor affiliation. The labor representative will be able to contribute perspective and insight on the opportunities, challenges and barriers experienced by people with disabilities and by employers in the work force. The first meeting for this new member will be in October 2018.

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After completing the application on the Governor's website, email the WSRC office to let us know you have applied.Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions about WSRC Membership